Alizarin PrettyStickers for HP Latex print and cut


HP Latex printer can provide excellent printing effect on all kinds of Eco-Solvent Printable PU Flex ( For more about our Eco-solvent printable PU flex please visit ( made by our company, Waterborne HP Latex ink can add value to your business and help customers achieve their sustainability goals. The advantages of HP latex printing and cutting in clothing heat transfer are list below.

1. Printing Latex ink, the material is not easy to deform. Accurate positioning and fine cutting.
2. Good ink absorption and good image performance for HP Latex ink.
3. Excellent washing resistance. The number of times of washing resistance is equal to that of Eco-Solvent ink.
4. The perfect image resolution can be achieved by setting 60°C drying temperature.

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Product code: HTW-300SRP
Product Name: Dark Eco-Solvent Printable PU Flex
Specifications: 50cm X 30M, 1020cm X 30M/Roll, other specifications can be customized.
Applicable ink: HP Latex ink
Applicable models: HP Latex ink 115, 315, 335, etc.
Recommended Cutters: Roland CAMM-1 GR-640, GR-540 GR-420 Large Format Cutters,
Mimaki CG-75/130/160FXII CG-60SRII/130SRII,
Graphtec Cutting Plotter FC8600, CE6000, CE6000-F-Mark, etc.

1. Description

HTW-300SRP compatible with HP Latex ink printer to make images and transfer to various colors of 100% cotton or polyester blend fabrics, cotton canvas, high temperature resistant synthetic leather and other home decorations by heat press machine. It is idea to produce many varieties, small batches of T-shirts, gift bags, cotton canvas bags etc. and with good color retention and multiple washing resistance.

2. The Steps of Heat Transfer by heat press Machine

A. Set the temperature at 165°C for 25 seconds with a heat press machine. Medium pressure.
B. Place the clothes flat on the bottom of the heat press machine and iron for 5 seconds.
C. After printing, pause for 30 minutes to completely cold, wait for the ink to dry out, them to cut.
D. The sticky surface of the transfer film is overlaid on the transfer paper and the film is torn off.
E. Place the film gently on the top of the clothes and printed side face up.
F. Cover with a layer of cotton cloth.
G. Press for 25 seconds at 165°C.
H. Cool down, tear off the transfer film. Finish.